Signet Jewelers

Navigating a global pandemic while also expanding retail & online market share.

Signet Jewelers, a retail giant in the diamond industry, had to manage both creating safe, welcoming environments for their in-store shoppers and team members and ensuring an exceptional online experience for those shopping from home. This responsibility rested on the shoulders of their 250+ retail store managers.

Feeling the pressure of the business imperative and all the emotions associated with uncertainty, these managers had to be armed with practical tools to embody high-level agility and resilience to meet the dynamically rising business demands.

Cassandra led stakeholders' interviews with the executive leadership to align with the change mandate and curate a high-energy keynote introducing the Change Enthusiasm mindset to the entire organization.

The next step was to take this to the frontline teams, i.e., the store managers. We led a virtual workshop to enable them to embrace and implement a proven approach for invigorating and inspired leadership and influence through change.

Having activated the organizational grassroots, we circled back to the leadership via a candid discussion with the Executive Vice President of Global Store Operations. In this interactive live-streamed dialog attended by over 90% of Signet's leaders, we reiterated how the change mandate was, in fact, an incredible opportunity for sustained competitive advantage, building organizational agility & resilience, and personal growth for the store managers.

  • Heading into a record Q4 from the prior year, through practicing the Change Enthusiasm® growth mindset, the Signet organization was
    able to deliver 35% growth versus the prior year record.
  • A handful of store managers reported double or 100% growth over the quarter.
  • Leaders not only set sales record, but delivered a record year in our 23-year strategic partnership with St Jude.
  • Managers felt the content was pivotal in helping to make sure the environment at Signet was congruent & translated down to even their
    seasonal employees. They were grateful to be given more tools to improve their own lives & the lives of others.
Bill U
Black Quote

"The results that Change Enthusiasm Global brought to our team was record-setting. And when you circle back 60 days, 90 days, six months later the message is still resonating because it's real and it drives results."

Executive Vice President, Global Store Operations

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