is Hard.

Now what?

Illustration 6 - Frustration

Your leaders are overwhelmed...
from facing unrelenting waves of disruption while having to deliver results.

Illustration 9 - Fear

Your people are exhausted & fearful...
unsure of what this means for them, and unfocused on the task at hand.

So, despite
billions at stake
& millions invested...

It's Time To
Disrupt Change
As Usual.



...the power of change emotions

so you create buy-in for accelerating change adoption.



...change-stalling emotions into
change-accelerating fuel

so your organization gets the change muscle it needs from within.



...a Change Enthusiasm
mindset and resilience

so your people can turn any disruption into an opportunity to grow & win.

Let's Begin.


“What we’ve been getting wrong about workplace change is under-valuing the significance of acknowledging and embracing emotion.

When we understand the emotional dynamics through data-driven insights, we can empower every level of the organization to transform that emotional energy into fuel for sustained change adoption and both personal and professional growth throughout every change journey.”

CEO & Founder, Change Enthusiasm Global

Through our Change Growth Accelerator™ experiences, your team is empowered to embrace the emotions that change evokes, use them as fuel to accelerate individualized growth, and effectively increase the probability of success for every change endeavor.


Phase One



Deep dive into the culture’s landscape to assess the current Change Readiness state of your organization to inform future phases of our work together.


Phase Two


High-Impact Keynotes & Thought Leadership Forums

Introduce the unique change growth mindset of Change Enthusiasm® to your organization through high-impact, customized keynote and thought leadership forums that serve your change mandate.


Phase Three


Change Growth Accelerator™ Experience

Transformative learning experiences to arm your people with the practical application of the Change Enthusiasm® mindset and our trademarked, research-backed C.H.A.N.G.E. Traits® modules.


Phase Four


Resident Change Enthusiast® Certification and Resilience Tracking

Certify your Change Leaders in facilitating Change Growth Accelerators™, strengthen resilience through Coaching for Change Enthusiasm™, and quantify & track your Change Growth Readiness through annual surveys benchmarked against your historical data and national averages.

Trusted By...

Signet Jewelers

Navigating a global pandemic while also expanding retail & online market share.


  • Heading into a record Q4 from the prior year, through practicing the Change Enthusiasm® growth mindset, the Signet organization was able to deliver 35% growth versus the prior year record.
  • A handful of store managers reported double or 100% growth over the quarter.
  • Leaders not only set sales record, but delivered a record year in our 23-year strategic partnership with St Jude.
  • Managers felt the content was pivotal in helping to make sure the environment at Signet was congruent & translated down to even their seasonal employees. They were grateful to be given more tools to improve their own lives & the lives of others.
Signet Jewelers
Bill U
Black Quote

"The results that Change Enthusiasm Global brought to our team was record-setting. And when you circle back 60 days, 90 days, six months later the message is still resonating because it's real and it drives results."

Executive Vice President, Global Store Operations

Johnson & Johnson

Deepening engagement and resilience through a multi-million dollar transformation.


  • 76% of participants felt the content was value-added and relevant to apply into their change management efforts.
  • Nearly two-thirds of participants felt better prepared and more invigorated to lead their multi-million dollar change initiative.
  • Subsequently, 77% implemented their training action plans into their work which enabled the initiative to exceed success metrics for the next milestone delivery.
Johnson & Johnson
Ellipse 3
Black Quote

"Our partnership with Change Enthusiasm Global enabled our leaders to self-reflect on how they were showing up to the organization and ultimately take ownership of their emotional energy, creating a plan of action to lead more effectively moving forward."

Senior Director, Change Management, Communications & Training, Johnson & Johnson

Center for Leadership, University of Dayton

A customized curriculum to inspire global change leadership


  • Global attendees rated the curated Change Leader and Influencer at 4.62 out of 5 stars.
  • A post-training survey showed that attendees enjoyed a record-breaking 48% increase in change leadership competence following the training.
  • Two weeks after the training, 93% of attendees felt the training resulted in a meaningful impact on their professional and/or personal life journey.
Unversity of Dayton Center for Leadership
Black Quote

"The 48% competence increase for our attendees was one of the strongest results we've ever seen. The content and approach made things very practical and a source to help others grow and develop. I will absolutely look to partner with Change Enthusiasm Global again to educate future program participants."

Executive Director at University of Dayton Center for Leadership

Change, as the saying goes, is the only
constant in our workplace.

The Latest National Study in Change & Emotion in the Workplace gives leaders & individuals data-driven insights on transforming change-resistant emotions into change-accelerating behaviors.

  • What do employees really think about and feel about change?
  • What causes employees to most resist change at work?
  • What is the value of acknowledging emotions when executing change?
  • What would motivate employees to overcome resistance and embrace change at work?
  • What steps or actions can leaders implement to better lead change at work now?
Change and Emotion in the Workplace

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