Through our Change Growth Accelerator™ experiences, your team is empowered to embrace the emotions that change evokes, use them as fuel to accelerate individualized growth, and effectively increase the probability of success for every change endeavor.


Phase One



Deep dive into the culture’s landscape to assess the current Change Readiness state of your organization to inform future phases of our work together.


Phase Two


High-Impact Keynotes & Thought Leadership Forums

Introduce the unique change growth mindset of Change Enthusiasm® to your organization through high-impact, customized keynote and thought leadership forums that serve your change mandate.


Phase Three


Change Growth Accelerator™ Experience

Transformative learning experiences to arm your people with the practical application of the Change Enthusiasm® mindset and our trademarked, research-backed C.H.A.N.G.E. Traits® modules.


Phase Four


Resident Change Enthusiast® Certification and Resilience Tracking

Certify your Change Leaders in facilitating Change Growth Accelerators™, strengthen resilience through Coaching for Change Enthusiasm™, and quantify & track your Change Growth Readiness through annual surveys benchmarked against your historical data and national averages.

  • Change Growth Accelerator™ experiences tailored to your organization's specific needs
  • Your people harnessing the power of change emotions as catalysts for sustainable change growth
  • Your leaders transforming change-stalling emotions into change-accelerating fuel to build resiliency
  • Increased individual growth and personal fulfillment
  • Increased probability of your long-term change success

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